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Homes & Neighbors
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Format & Plans: Get Homes & Neighbors in B&W or Color, Monthly, Bi-Monthly or Quarterly.
*SPECIAL DISCOUNT: SAVE 15% by prepaying for 12 issues, or 10% for 6 issues.
B&W Monthly $49.00 per issue
(A Hardcopy for photocopying) Bi-Monthly
(A PDF for photocopying) Quarterly
4 COLOR Monthly $59.00 per issue
(A color PDF file) Bi-Monthly

B&W $588.00 $499.00 prepaid for 12 issues
  $294.00 $264.00 prepaid for 6 issues
4 COLOR $708.00 $599.00 prepaid for 12 issues
$354.00 $319.00 prepaid for 6 issues

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1322 Daly Road • Ojai, CA 93023
( 805 ) 272-8452