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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How should I use my mortgage newsletter? << back
  A. Here are three ways to obtain more loans with the help of your Homes & Neighbors newsletter:
  1. Your past customers should provide a continuing stream of referrals and future business. Regularly staying in touch reminds them that you're a financing professional who is interested in their individual needs.
  2. Prospects:
  • Keep encouraging people who aren't ready to take action now.
  • Offer helpful and entertaining articles to your friends, family, and others in your sphere of influence.
  • Become the local expert by mailing to a geographic farm area.
  3. Co-market with another professional. Let a Realtor, builder, or CPA add their contact information to yours on the back of Homes & Neighbors. And then they can promote both of you to everyone in their database.

Marketing tip: Direct mail experts say your results will improve by mailing frequently to a small group, rather than doing a larger mailing every few months.

Q. What results can I expect? << back
  A. We suggest committing to your mortgage newsletter for six issues before evaluating its effectiveness. Consistency is crucial to marketing success, no matter what tools you're using.

     Some loan officers receive business after their first mailing. But how well your database knows you and general market conditions will affect your results.

Q. How long have you been producing newsletters? << back
  A. We have been happliy producing mortgage newsletters every month since November 1992. Many of our customers have grown extremely successful businesses over the years with the help of our intuitive products!

Q. How will I receive my mortgage newsletter? << back

For more details see: "Options for Receiving Your Newsletter"

Q. How much does my mortgage newsletter cost? << back
  A. Each black-and-white issue is $49, while our four-color issues are only $59.

     Additionally, a one-time $25 fee is applied if you choose to have us to set up your personalized area on your "master" for photocopying.
Contact us to get your master personalized today!

     REMEMBER: we give a 15% discount when you prepay for twelve issues. Or, you can receive a 10% discount when prepaying for 6 issues.
Contact us to take advantage of these great savings options today!

Q. How often will I receive my newsletter? << back
  A. You decide. We publish monthly, but you also can choose to receive Homes & Neighbors newsletters bimonthly or quarterly.

    Most of our clients tell us the schedule they prefer, and we charge their credit card for each issue sent to them.

Any choice ordered will be received during the third week of the preceding calendar month of said issue (i.e., the April issue will arrive around March 24.)

Q. How do I print and mail them out? << back
  A. The printing and mailing process is simple regardless of which product you have chosen:
  • Our B&W newsletter will arrive ready to photocopy on 8.5 x 11 paper. All you need to do is: choose your paper stock and make copies in your office or at a copy shop, such as a Kinko's.

  • Our 4 COLOR newsletter is delivered to you electronically as a PDF file, it can be printed out on your color printer.
After your product is printed: fold your newsletters into thirds; apply mailing label and postage; deliver to your USPS route carrier or local post office branch. Note: We can have your bulk rate indicia set up on your master copy if needed, contact us today!

Q. What if I want more space to tell about myself? << back
  A. You can use the entire bottom third of the back page of Homes & Neighbors. You then must mail your newsletters in an envelope.

Q. How can I receive free issues? << back
  A. Tell other loan originators about your Homes & Neighbors newsletter. When someone you've referred places an order, you'll be credited with a free issue!

Q. Can I share my Homes & Neighbors newsletter with other loan officers? << back
  A. Originators working in the same office can share Homes & Neighbors. However, you can't share with any loan officers outside your branch.

Q. How do I get started? << back
  1. Fill out the Order Form and mail it to us or call us at
    (805) 272-8452.  (
    Click to go to our Order Form.)
  2. E-mail or mail your photo or logo if you want us to set up the personalized area on your mortgage newsletter.


Our mailing address is:
Homes & Neighbors
1322 Daly Road
Ojai, CA 93023
Q. What if I have additional questions? << back
  A. Contact us today by email or by phone.  We'll be happy to answer any further questions for you.
(805) 272-8452


1322 Daly Road • Ojai, CA 93023
( 805 ) 272-8452